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Silicone sealant plays a crucial role in maintaining a watertight seal at joints between floors and walls, particularly in areas like showers, basins, and around kitchen cabinetry. This waterproof seal is essential to accommodate building movement, preventing tile cracks and safeguarding the house structure from water damage. Over time, silicone sealant ages and may wear out, leading to gaps and cracks that allow water to escape. Incorrect application can also contribute to these issues.

At iGrout, we specialize in the application, removal, and replacement of silicone sealants in both residential and commercial settings. Our expertise ensures precise sealing to prevent water leakage and protect your property. Our silicone sealants, tailored for wet areas, feature mould inhibitors, come in various colors, and are environmentally friendly.


"Are you exhausted from gazing at your grimy and stained tile and grout?"

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Experience the distinctive restoration approach of iGrout, designed to revitalize your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor area.

Our comprehensive services encompass everything from tile and grout cleaning to silicone replacement and shower glass restoration. Transform your spaces with iGrout's unique restoration process.

Why Opt for Our Silicone Removal & Replacement Services?

iGrout stands out as a reliable choice for silicone removal and replacement services throughout New Zealand.

Expertise in Silicone Removal & Replacement

Understanding the significance of silicone application in key areas of your home is crucial, but equally important is the proficiency of those performing the installation. Inexpertly applied silicone can lead to water infiltration and peeling. iGrout boasts a team of dedicated experts committed to ensuring a swift and efficient job.

Premium-Quality Silicone Sealants

At iGrout, we prioritize the use of environmentally friendly, mold-inhibiting silicone sealants available in a diverse range of colors. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your showers, basins, baths, and other application areas with our high-quality silicone sealants.

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Irrespective of the extent of damage or the situation, you can schedule an appointment for a no-obligation free quote. This allows us to assess any silicone sealant issues and provide you with the optimal service tailored to your needs."

Silicone Removal & Replacement Process with iGrout

Discover the step-by-step process you can anticipate when choosing iGrout for silicone sealant application or replacement:

1. Grout Cleaning

Our comprehensive process begins with thorough grout cleaning to create an optimal surface for the silicone sealant.

2. Initial Assessment

A designated iGrout specialist will visit your location for an initial assessment, determining the appropriate procedure for sealant application or replacement.

3. Removal & Preparation

Old sealant removal is conducted with precision, ensuring the safety of fixtures and thorough elimination of remnants. This step is crucial to guarantee the proper adhesion of the new silicone.

4. Application & Post-Service Check

Our skilled experts meticulously apply the new sealant, ensuring comprehensive coverage of key areas. A post-service check is performed to confirm proper setting, and clients are invited to inspect the application to ensure it meets their standards.

Ready to rejuvenate your spaces? Book a quote with iGrout and experience our expert silicone removal and replacement services."

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When it comes to tile regrouting and repair, iGrout is your trusted partner. Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart. Let us revitalize your tile surfaces and enhance the beauty of your space.

Ready to get started? Contact iGrout today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can transform your tiles from dull to dazzling. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have experienced the magic of iGrout's tile regrouting and repair services. Your tiles deserve the best, and that's exactly what we deliver.

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Amazing transformation of my house ! It looks like new! Outstanding job by iGROUT. Absolute perfectionists and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended with Impeccable customer service. Can't thank you  enough for what you have done ! !

Claire Rogerson, Canterbury

iGROUT did an excellent job with our shower. He replaced all the unsightly grout & silicone and cleaned our tiles making our shower look 'like new' again!! It's amazing! Very friendly & professional and ensured we were happy with the colour of grout & silicone used. We highly recommend iGROUT to anyone wanting to restore their shower.

Lisa Denton Christchurch

Just wonderful work by iGROUT. All done promptly and to an excellent standard and no mess  , Thank you so much , worth every dollar !

Luke Thomas Christchurch

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