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Should I Seal My Tiles?

Every house needs regular maintenance to increase its lifespan. There are things one can do right after entering a new home, to make the shine last a little longer. Keeping the floors stainless and glazing is a major task that requires a lot of time commitment. Tile sealing can ease up the maintenance work to a huge extent. While the Grout sealer will only seal the grouts, sealing the entire tile will give a smooth and glazy finish to the floor. One can use Shower sealer in the bathroom to give that extra protection to bathroom tiles that get wet too frequently and attract dirt.

Sealing or re silicone Requirement

Porous surfaces like marble, granite, terracotta, quarry stone, or any natural material surface are prone to accumulation of dirt and molds that do not wash off easily. Applying a coat of seal solution will protect the tiles from decaying or contamination. Not only that, but the grout also stays clean for a longer time. Do tile sealing or silicone the floor and tile walls when they are newly installed or right after getting them cleaned. 

If your tiles already come with nano-sealing, or they are pre-glazed, then you will not require sealing the tiles separately. Grouts are as important as the tiles. If you are a perfectionist, we will recommend you use a grout sealer to retain the new looks of the floor or walls for a prolonged period.

Benefits of Sealing

  1. Easy cleaning and removal of stain- Sealed floors and walls are easy to clean daily. Wiping with plain or warm water does the job. Even the hardest stains will come off easily because of the smooth surface. No need for vigorous scrubbing. 
  2. Protection from oil clogs-Kitchen walls do not take much time to get greasy even if you have a chimney. If the walls are coated then just a simple washing with soap water would clean off.
  3. Water repellent layer- It will keep your floor dry and prevent moisture retention on walls during monsoon.
  4. Prevent discoloration of tiles and grouts- An extra layer completely seals the tiles and grouts that prevent discoloration over the years.

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Amazing transformation of my house ! It looks like new! Outstanding job by iGROUT. Absolute perfectionists and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended with Impeccable customer service. Can't thank you  enough for what you have done ! !

Claire Rogerson, Canterbury

iGROUT did an excellent job with our shower. He replaced all the unsightly grout & silicone and cleaned our tiles making our shower look 'like new' again!! It's amazing! Very friendly & professional and ensured we were happy with the colour of grout & silicone used. We highly recommend iGROUT to anyone wanting to restore their shower.

Lisa Denton Christchurch

Just wonderful work by iGROUT. All done promptly and to an excellent standard and no mess  , Thank you so much , worth every dollar !

Luke Thomas Christchurch



Some people may doubt that it will put stains on the tiles. But trained professionals will always use methods to do the job skilfully so that no stains remain. The reason for grout outweighs any doubts. If you are still having second thoughts, you can contact a professional and know all the pros and cons in detail. But do not ignore those ugly looking tiles. Consider regrouting them as it is a much hassle-free process. Know that small changes can make a large difference.

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